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The annual course fee for the Japanese Language School is 700,000 yen, which is much more affordable than many other Japanese language schools in Tokyo. Because the educational foundation owns the building of the school, and because we belong to a large educational corporation running other vocational schools, our tuition fee is reasonable. We strive to reduce the economic burden for international students so they can study in the best learning environment possible. For international students already in Japan with a visa, we offer short-term courses, where you can choose your study period, level, subjects, and so on. 

・For 25 days, and 1 semester course, you need to make visa to stay in Japan by yourself. 

・If you study more than 1 year, the school will make student visa.

​・For the long term course (more than 1 year), there is a  ¥20,000 application fee. 

​・For more details about payment procedure.

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