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About Tokyo Kogakuin Japanese Language School

This school has a long history, having begun Japanese language education in 1971, and it is one of the most reputable Japanese language schools in Japan. Moreover, it is part of an educational foundation, which was founded according to the strict criteria of Japan’s private-school code. Also part of the same educational foundation is Tokyo Kogakuin College of Technology (containing departments of Architecture, Electronics, Information Technology, Computer Graphics, Sound Production, Media, Sports Business, Manga, Animation, University Studies, Management, Law, and so on) and Tokyo Air Travel Hotel College (containing departments of Airline, Airport Service, Hotel, Tourism, Railway, Bridal, English, and so on).

Many Lessons

Reasonable Tuition

Good Location

Career Support 

For students who wish to get a job in Japan after graduation, Career Center at Technos College will support your Placement activities

Student Discount

As a part of Academic juridical corporation, various discounts will be gained such as transportation passes, long distance travels, movie tickets, etc.

Student Insurance

Our students have the student disaster/injury insurance provided by the Tokyo college association as our affiliated colleges.

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